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Why is this research relevant?
If you have ever attended an institution of learning at any time of your life in the "civilized world", chances are you have seen the
fossils of Hominoids.  Most people haven't realized what they were looking at.  We've been so busy being indoctrinated with either
the theories of Evolution or Creationism, we didn't see the evidence of the existence of Hominoids ... evidence that has been right
under our noses the whole time.

Upright walking primates appeared in the early part of the Miocene Era, along with quadrupedal apes.  Science is a long series of
corrected mistakes, and what we've learned in recent times about the "evolution" of primates is changing dramatically.  The
exponential improvements in technology are giving us the ability to penetrate into the sciences of paleontology, genetics and other
disciplines that are relevant to proving that Hominoids still walk the Earth (as opposed to what science books currently tell us,
which is that all Hominoids went extinct approximately 12,000 years ago).

More and more people are waking up to the truth that what we think we know about this planet and our place in it, is riddled with
assumptions and errors.  In addition, we're finding that just because someone paid a lot of money for a college or university
education doesn't mean that everything that they learned there is accurate.  If we are ever going to understand what the
placement of Hominoids is in the flow chart of life on Earth (and what their connection is to us), we need to investigate much more
thoroughly, utilizing every science and discipline that is relevant to Human Origins.

This what we are all about at -- investigation and education.  You are not required to agree with all of our
philosophies or approaches;  we just ask that you have an open mind and consider the possibilities presented here.  One way or
another, this undocumented being will find its place in the catalog of known creatures, and our goal is to work together with other
researchers to make this happen as smoothly as possible.  We feel that the ultimate meaning of their existence will change the
world as we currently know it and bring in a whole new level of understanding of who we are and how we came to exist.  You are
invited to come on this journey with us!