Bigfoot/Sasquatch, and his excursions cover a large area in Northern Washington State and
Lower British Columbia, Canada.  Let Bill take you deep into the interior of Sasquatch territory
that so few have experienced.  Listen to Bill as he talks about the best evidence he's seen
pertaining to the animal's existence.  He'll even let you in on what he believes this creature to
be and explain how and why it has remained so elusive.  Your trip is sure to be memorable,
peppered with other eye-witnesses' accounts Bill has gathered over time and plenty of his own
amusing anecdotes.  Come ride along with him for an adventure in his Polaris Ranger 6WD!
(pictured below)

As Bill always says about his many trips into the bush ... "Each trip is an adventure.  One
never knows what's up around the next bend and that's all part of the excitement of the

Sasquatch Country Tours -- Taking you places where myth can become a reality!