The prosthesis eye claim

Bill Miller
The subject in the Patterson film seems to possibly show a right eye. The idea that this is
a prosthesis eye has a big problem to it. A glass eye is made to match a human's eye. The
glass eye is basically all white with the Iris forming the colored part of the eye. If
Patterson had placed a glass eye in the eye socket of the bigfoot suit - it could only face
one direction. If the creature slightly turns to the right - the Iris doesn't shift in the
direction one is looking like a natural eye does. When the right eye of the creature is
enhanced on the Patterson film ... it remains dark with a slight hint of brown in the lower
section where the sunlight is reaching the skin around the lower part of the eye socket. All
the Sasquatch reports I have ever read have said that the creature doesn't have the white
area around the eye showing like humans do, but rather the entire eye appears dark. No
matter how much back light is given to the right eye of the Patterson creature, there is
never a hint of the white around the Iris being seen. In other words ... if we are to believe
that the eye is showing at all, then the white of the eye should lighten well before the
dark area that makes up the Iris. Because this does not happen, then we are not seeing
the eye at all or if we are seeing an eye ... it's not an artificial eye. An example of such an
artificial eye is seen below.
Artificial eye
The Patterson creature shows no sign of having an
Iris surrounded by the white color of the eyeball itself.
As you can see in these photos of known primates, the whites of the
eyes are not seen as clearly as a human's eye.  Their eyes have to really
look to the far right or left just to see a little bit of their whitish color,
which usually, has a lot of red in it, almost as if it were bloodshot eyes.